The Pineal Gland Series II: New & Improved

Now part of the "Dark of the Night Anthology of Shadows #4" available @ Dark Moon Press 

"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves." - MATTHEW 10:16

This second book continues with the story of Vinny, a psychopathic mastermind who believes he can reach a God like state by consuming the pineal glands of his victims. But Vinny now has a new acolyte, a younger brother named Sammy, who he is trying to pass his knowledge on to and who does his killing for him, in exchange for the victim's heads.

Richard Engen is an ex New York City Cop who now lives in Florida and is getting antsy for his old line of work. He runs into a friend, who is now detective in Florida, who lets on about brutal murders that are taking place. He enlists Richard's expertise to help him track down the killer.

Will Engen be able to track the killer and get to the heart of the brains behind these gruesome murders?